Nameless killer

My boots were filled with water when I woke up. I didn’t know where I was. Then it came back to me.

I was sitting alone at my table when he showed up. He was the one who acted like he was nice. He was the one that invited me to a party. He was the one who’d driven me to the lake and thrown me in. I had battled unconsiousness until it took over. I was lucky to’ve had that thought come before I drowned. I struggled to get to the surface. I made it and took a pull of air. “Never… will… I… trust…” I managed to say it between gasps. I stood up, my legs feeling like noodles. I was soaked. I stumbled further onto land before falling with a yelp. If he’d tried to kill me, what else would he do? My seemingly last moments played through my head, over and over. Tears ran down my cheeks, but I didn’t notice. My face was soaked, too, so another few drops of water wouldn’t matter. I yawned. Somehow unconsiousness made me sleepy. I stood again, walking over to a tree. “Help!” It was too loud. Never again.

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