21 hours left

Jack arrived at the CTU office one hour later. “Hey Jack,” said the secretary. “Did the writers screw Washington over by having someone in office do something stuiped.”

“Yep. By the way did you know that Chaney keeps bombs and WMD plans in his wallet. What the hell?”

“Hey! I’m sure somewhere the writers doing his best to explain how the NMC got there hands on WMD ’s.”

(camera cuts to man crying at computer screen)

“Yea. Anyways, he said that it was stolen at the Lincoln Memorial. I want a list of people who knew he was going there. Also, get any one who watches BSG on the camera recordings. They could spot cylons.”

“Yes sir! Also, this just came in from some strange man.”

Jack took the paper from the secretaries hands. It read:

Meet me at the docks at midnight. Wear mysterous clothing. And keep those sunglasses. They look bad ass. Remember MIDNIGHT !!!

“What time is it lowly secretary.”

“My names Lola, and it is 8:00pm, sir.”

“OK people! 21 hours! We’ve been doing this for 6 seasons! Lets go!”

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