A Choice in the Castle in the Air

Six doors.

Six icons.

Six choices.

Only one choice would lead them out of the room. Jacques knew that he had been here before, stood in this exact same place. Where and when, he was not quite sure. But the memory was there, waiting to be rediscovered.

His eyes flicked from door to door. Maple. Completely identical, each fitted with a brass knob. Jacques knew without trying that they were all locked.

Gabrielle was looking at him with an expression of disbelief. Of course she could never have known about this place. There were secrets held within the walls of the castle that only few were aware of.

Powerful secrets.

At that, Jacques had to wonder if they were even still in the castle at all. The stone walls, the doors. The memories came flooding back in waves.

Of course.

He walked forward and gripped the twin figures. Instantly, the maple door sprung open and a gust of warm air filled the chilly, damp room.

Jacques grabbed Gabrielle by the hand and pulled her into the forest.

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