Into Hiding

“What the hell was that?â€? I spoke aloud to myself, not expecting any reply.

“Stay away from me.â€? It was the lame goon. In the commotion I had forgotten all about him. His hands covering his face as he scrambled backwards, “please don’t hurt me.â€?

“Oh jeez, get up you moron.â€? I grabbed his radio—it was now asking about Mike’s status—and tossed it to him. “Answer it. Tell him all is well, or I’ll have this crazy thing eat you too,â€? pointing at the pile of ash and bones that used to be Jen.

“Deck all clear. Over.â€?

“Good job Mike,â€? I reached out my hand and he gave me back the radio. “Ok what now?â€? I looked over the deck. Only a few containers sprinkled sparsely about. Not many places to hide up here. I need to get below. “Come on,â€? I grabbed his arm and pushed him along in front of me. “We’re going below deck to chill out until we get to Site B.â€?

“Please just let me go. I won’t tell em nothin, I promise.â€? His crying made it hard to understand.

“Seriously, is this your first day or something? Keep moving.â€?

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