When God Ain't Happy, You're Pretty Much Screwed

“I reject Satan, and all of his works and all of his empty promises.â€?

Even after their mouths were covered, the words swelled through the room.

I reject Satan, and all of his works and all of his empty promises.

Satan roared and fire burst from every tile.

But then, suddenly, the entire room was still. The fire froze and cracked down to the ground. The skylights above shattered and rained down millions of shimmering fragments that fell around all in the room. Every human was struck by a feeling of pure, simple perfection and each fell down to the ground, clasping their arms over their faces.

Every evil thing, fallen angel, and demon rippled into nothing, first imploding, then dispersing into a supernatural breeze.

Satan was struck dumb and his mouth hung open, blackness tumbling out of it as his lies became tangible things to be destroyed. And he was lifted into the air with Lilith, where seventy-seven blindingly bright swords whirled into existence and skewed themselves inside the both of them.

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