Simon’s mini-Christs had joined the piercing glow that permeated the room, with expressions of everlasting peace on their faces. After all, they loved Simon as their creator, but they would love the Creator of Simon even more.

The earthly forms of Satan and Lilith fell and died as the swords performed their dance, but their spirits floated at the vestiges of the room, unwilling to relent and return to Hell. Lilith’s body breathed a last word before it lay spiritless: “…Yhwh…

Cthulu’s form, far off, gave one last eardrum-bursting bellow and sank back into the seas.

Satan, begone. No ear heard it but the Devil’s and he shrank back into the fiery depths from whence he came.

Lilith, begone. She billowed through the floor to join her deathly lover.

Simon, Blake, Angela, Winters, rise. They were not words, just a feeling, and the humans did so.

You are forgiven for your transgressions.

And the light receded, and the windows shimmered back, and the four were the only ones left in the room.

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