Ex's & Drugs & Rock & Roll

The press of the crowd doesn’t matter anymore, there is no crowd, it disappeared when the first chord got played. It won’t come back for 3 minutes and 50 seconds.

A flash flood of emotion spills from my brain and spreads rapidly, the ache in my feet from standing up all day disappears. I close my eyes and the first verse lifts me, if I looked down I know I’d be hovering.

My eyes open for the chorus, that first line that reminds me so painfully of you, it strikes me that you’ve never heard this song, if you did you’d just think it was morbid. We’d probably argue about it, I’d probably lose.

You’d tell me to pick a happier song, tell me that the drugs I take don’t count as medicinal just becuase they numb the pain. You always disapproved of that side of me, I always said you weren’t adventurous enough. Would you have been more adventurous if you’d known what was in store?

My feet start to hurt, the song’s over, the crowd are back and more oppressive than ever, I wipe tears and sweat from my face.

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