A Lack of Inspiration

“What to write. What to write,” Janice murmured to herself as she sat in front of the blank computer screen in her pale blue bed room. “There has to be something I feel like writing about.” You could always write about Ky- “No!” she yelled cutting the voice inside her head off, “anything but HIM . Come on there has to be SOMETHING .”

You know you want to. The voice continued. “No I don’t. I need to get over him and that really doesn’t help,” she argued with herself. Fine then just sit there. “I will,” she said, murmuring once again, “there has to be something, anything!” Just then her phone started to vibrate. I wonder what Lucy wants, she thought as she read the text.

Her eyes opened wide as realization hit her squarely across the head. “Oh my god…”

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