I'm an Idiot

Janice froze. Oh my god! He’s calling. What do I do? Does he know that Lucy told me? Does he suspect it? Do I hint that I know? Do I play dumb? Ok just relax. Breath in. Breath out. Ok. Calm. Now to pick up the phone. She pressed the talk button, “Hello.” Silence. “Hello?” She looked at the screen, 1 miss call.

Damn! I’m such an idiot! He calls and I don’t pick up. I am one freakin’ genius. She was smacking herself on the forehead when her phone started ringing again.

“I’m not making the same mistake twice,” she murmured as she sat there staring as Kyle was displayed across the screen. So then why aren’t you answering?! The voice yelled at her. “Oh right,” she said as she reached for the phone, “Hello.” “Hey Janice. It’s Kyle…”

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