Endless Night

The cold, bitter wind blew across his bear chest, he was freezing. He opened his eyes slowly only to see darkness and the bitter sweet taste of her in his mouth. He wanted more of that sweet taste, he wanted her. But he had to work for it, just like everything else. But she didn’t have to work for much of anything. Everything was given to her on a silver tray with no effort whatsoever. It was cold. He got out of bed and left.
When she woke she felt the emptiness of the bed. She got up. Where did he go? she thought. She wandered into the kitchen, she was staying in a suite. She saw a note stuck to a cabinet it read: My Dearest Helena,I’m so sorry to leave like this but I had an important business call that I had to attend to.I’ll see you as soon as I can.Love always,Jack. She sighed. She would never see him again, she thought. Why does everyone leave me so quickly?
She went back home to New York. The doorbell rang. She hoped it wasn’t her mother. She gasped.OH MY GOD !she thought,it’s him! be continued

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