Despair That Will Never Repair

I pranced home to see what was amiss
And realized there was something wrong with this
A hatchet in the lawn, A knife by the door
I don’t know why I came home anymore.
The door slowly opens
I take a step in
Then hear a faint cry
When I notice that this is just where it will begin.
In the kitchen, my mom lays on the floor,
Knife through her chest,
A man stands vertically upright before my eyes, looking
Possibly possessed.
As he tries to distract me while I push 9-1-1
I notice that in his right hand, he carries a gun.
Relieved as the police pick up, I look over to make
Sure that the demon didn’t get away, I notice he was
Dragging my mom out the front door in a garbage bag
And suddenly notice that he is wearing a name tag..
This villian is no villian at all…
It is her atrocious ex if I can recall

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