Time to Change Things Up

“We’re having dinner in 15 minutes!” Mom yells through my locked door.
I’ve fallen asleep- in the middle of the day! I spot a bowl in the corner ; the remains of chocolate pudding scrapings coat its insides.
Ugh! I think. I could gain five pounds just looking at it.
That’s when I remember the dream. I see pink nail-polish on my fingernails, the same color as the chanter’s eyes.
I look in the mirror, my mascara slightly smudged, but just as thick and dark as everyone else’s in my dream.
I left the TV on… oops. There’s a Gregorian Chant playing.
Well, the nail-polish, mascara, chanting, and that chocolate pudding were all to blame for my dream.
Or were they?
Suddenly I remember that short, dark-haired boy in my homeroom and my last words before I woke up.
“It’s time to change things up”
I look in the mirror and wash off all of my makeup. I notice my revealing brand name clothes. I rip them off and throw on jeans and a Tee-Shirt and dash upstairs.
“It’s time to change things up.”

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