Mystery Topic

“You have mail” the computer said as Janice signed on. “Are you checking now?” Kyle asked. “Yes I am,” she told him. “Well can you read them later? I don’t like being around when people read my stuff,” he said. “Ok I’ll read them later,” Janice said, wondering what they could be about.

Me? The voice dared to hope on her head. “Yeah right,” she responded outloud. “What?” Kyle asked rather confused. “Oh no forget that,” Janice said, her cheeks turning crimson. “You’re blushing aren’t you,” Kyle teased. “How’d you know?” she asked fighting her rising hopes. “Well when you hang out with someone for enough time you tend to notice their little quirks,” he answered. “Oh well, I must admit that’s a little creepy,” she continued to tease. “Sorry I’m a bit creepy. At least I… I…” he trailed off. “You what? I’m still waiting for the come back.” “Well I can’t come up with any bad things about you at the moment,” he admitted, giving her hopes that tiny bit they needed to break free and soar into the sky.

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