Endless Night II

She jumpped at the sight of him standing at her door.She unlocked it.”Come in.”she said.He nodded.”I thought I’d never see you again.”she exclamed.”I tracked you down,when I got to New York.I wanted to see you again.”“Well,you found me.”“I’m so sorry for leaving the way I did.It was really irresponsible of me and for that I’m sorry.”
The apology reached farther than when he left.She felt the same need for him that she had that night.Even though nothing happened.She’d wanted him from the first time she’d laid eyes on him.But couldn’t have him.He saw some of the confusion in her face and knew what she was thinking.He came toward her in a fast,smooth move.He cupped her head in his hands and went in for the kiss.He deepened it and he could feel the pounding of her heart against his own racing heart.Her skin was soft and warm and he wanted it.He wanted her.When she let out her breath it sounded like a moan and that gave him satisfaction.He swept her off her feet and carried her into the be continued

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