Endless Night III

They were there on the bed still kissing.He started to unbutton her shirt.She just sat there baffled,not knowing what was going on.He undid her bra with ease and allowed himself to feed.His tongue ravished her body.She moaned with pleasure, need, and want.She tugged at his shirt. His weight was pressing against her.His strong body was ontop of her wanting her.She could feel the built of his muscular body.Her hands were running up and down his body.She was tugging at his jeans.She wanted this.His tongue,mouth,and hands were everywhere.Her delicate curves were pressed beneth his.His tongue licked lightly at her brests and moved back up to her mouth in a long sinuous kiss.Then he was inside her.He saw the heat rise to her cheecks.His breath was raggid so was hers.He licked lightly at her torso.Her stomach muscles quivered with pleasure.She rubbed her lips lightly on his and then on his chest.She could feel his body tense.And thrive for control.He went back to those big,beautiful brests of hers. to be continued

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