Hogwart's and star wars crossed lovers(unique love story challenge)

“Janice did it look like that action figure box moved?”
“Lidy crack the window the pine sol is gettin to your head, but now that you mention it why is there on of those potter action figures in with the star wars?”
“Oh willie Jr must have put it that way.”
“While the door crept closed Proffessor Snape Squated down to the hole he had painstakingly tore in the box, and softly spoke, maybe we could use the falcon and just run forever”
“Severace Snape why can’t you just stand up and say you love me? forget everyone else you cant help who you love.”
The action figure calmed down a bit and reached his hand through the homeade fred flintstone type holes they used to move the boxes, and clutched the lover’s hand and said, “I love you snipe, and she is the fastest hunk of junk in the Galaxy.”
Snipe replied, ” love you Lando Calrisian

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