Zig is dead who gets the cat?

As gun shots rang out in the hotel and Jared’s pistol found its mark around the neck of Zig, Barrows the cat scrambled into the back of the nearest car.
“Shit i can’t believe they shot a federal agent, well a psycho who thinks his cat talks, but an agent anyway.”
The door opened and the dynamic derelect duo jump into the car containing barrows the cat.
“Of all the cars i had to jump into the car of the mickey and mallory, who’ve seen too much spun. I wonder if they would recognize me from when they shot kowalski at the bank? fuct they probably wouldn’t recognize spiro Agnew much less a cat, but wait would i recognize spiro agnew? Oh
If these two sid and nancy’s get anymore lovey dovey i am going to puke up a hair ball. Maybe since they are stoned out of their heads i could talk them into letting me lead this gang? yeah probaly not the best idea.”
“Oh my fucting christ they are pulling over to have to sex i think i can crowd under the drivers seat. i hope they make it quick.”

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