It's All Good

But just that thought made her feel less safe.Just thinking about Michael made her thoughts start to spin. No, she thought,I’m not looking back at that.Not now, when I’m finally here,in New York,with a totally gorgeous and amazing guy protecting me.”Well…it’s nice of you to want to make sure I’m fine,” she said,afraid that if she didn’t say something he’d wait forever.”But, I really don’t need your help…I’m sure my aunt will be here soon.And I’ll be fine until then. Just…let me take care of myself.I’m a big girl.I’ll be fine.”

“No,I really don’t want you to be stuck here by yourself.It’s ok, I don’t have anything to do,and even if I did,I wouldn’t leave you here.”

“Chris…”she said, searching for a way to get him to leave without hurting him.Looking around, she saw an aunt-ish looking woman near-by. Pointing towards her, she said,”See, look. That’s my aunt right there. My aunt…Maura. It’s all good now. You can go.”

And she walked quickly towards her fictional aunt without saying goodbye.

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