Fast Learner

They walked quickly down the stairs to the subway, Chris leading the way.Down underneath the streets of New York, it was a whole different world. Dark, smelly, and overly dirty, it was definitely not Rachel’s favorite place. “Hey, come on, Rach.”Chris shouted over his shoulder, reaching back to grab her hand.” We’ve gotta hurry up, or we’ll have to wait another 20 minutes.”

The usual electric shock ran through her, but she was quickly becoming accustomed to it, and learning to love it as just another amazing thing about Chris.

He stopped at a little ticket thing, put in money, and took 2 little slips of paper out of the machine. “Here, ” he said, handing it to her.”Hold on tight…I’m not sure I even have enough money for another.”

She took it and followed him. He went through a turny machine, and she just mimicked him. “Hey, you’re a fast learner,” he said, taking her hand again and squeezing it, then letting go.

Yes, that little shock was definitely something she could get used to.

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