The stood next to the tracks, each holding tightly to their luggage and watching it carefully(even Rachel knew that this would be the perfect place for a thief). Suddenly, Rachel felt a slight vibration and felt a breeze rush across her face, slapping it hard and then more gently as the train slowed. Then it pulled in, and they both stepped across the divide. \

The subway car was crowded, so they both stood, side by side. There wasn’t even enough space for her to grab a handle. Holding out his arm, Chris said,”Here, hang on. We can’t have you falling over…you’ve already been knocked around enough today.”

Then the train began to move, faster and faster. Rachel felt like she was flying. It was the most amazing feeling.”Wow,” she whispered under her breath, hanging on tight to Chris’s sleeve.

He pulled her into his side, his arm around her waist. “There. Now you definitely won’t fall. I won’t let you.”

She already knew he wouldn’t.

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