“Jason, when you get this message, call me.” Scarlet hung up the phone. They were all – Jason, Kyle, Charlie, and Scarlet- supposed to go out to eat. To catch up. To tell each other that they could give a good crap about their shortcomings. But, somehow, something was wrong.

Maybe it was the fact that she was the reason for the increasing amount of robberies, and she couldn’t, no, wouldn’t, tell them. Maybe it was because instead of working through probelms, they ignored them, ignored each other, until things blew over.

Scarlet put on her black dress. Maybe, I should contact my parents a small voice said. Maybe, they’ve forgiven you. “Ha!” she said aloud. How was she supposed to get back to France, anyway? Besides, the thing they had to do with her, was paying her college tuition…

They all were sullen at the restuarant. Finally Charlie spoke. “So, how’s Holden?”
“Fine.” Scarlet glared at him. “Come on, guys. I want to show you something.” Jason stood up and beckoned towards the back window.

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