Cyborgs at Missile Command: The New Way an operating table in El Paso.

“The pons are in front of the medullo oblongota. When we insert these electrodes into the pons varolli and increase the voltage – hang on – like this… we can terminate R.E.M. sleep paralysis and insert the new chip to eliminate the side effects. Nurse, can you give you me some suction? A little higher. That’s it. Stop. There you go, thank you,” Dr. Kerpensky said as he leaned over patient 639472.

“The chip will cure this patient’s paralysis and take over the entire function of the pons varolli. The chart says that this patient also has Parkinson’s disease. Any side effects with this treatment?” Dr. Feltzer asked.

“No known side effects, and the parkinson’s will be cured by the nanotechnology.”


“I was thrilled when the alliance approved this in 2324.”

“And where will this cyborg be stationed?”

“Missile Command – the future of warfare.”

“And the Defender clones?”

“They’ve saved lives, but it’s self preservation now. They’re as good as dead.”

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