Paint The Sky With Stars (Paint a Picture Challenge)

Shira looked up into the night sky, sitting out on her porch, and closed her eyes.

It was always a time of relaxation for her, and she conjured an illustration in her mind’s eye.

The way she imagined the night sky was simple; a dark, elegant and polished mahogany box, sitting on a plain table.

It is halfway open, and the dim lantern light catches on the varnish, making the intricately carved surface of the box luster, as it it were proud of itself.

Spilling from the box in luscious, soft waves are small ripples of the best, midnight blue velvet. Gentle and warm to the touch, it is a pleasure to simply look at.

And on the velvet, countless myriads of shimmering diamonds, glowing with an unearthly phosphorescence under the beams from the lantern.

They are strewn everywhere on the rich velvet, and they seem to be holding secrets.

Shira opened her eyes and glanced at her painting on the easel, pleased that her image came across beautifully.

Well, artists have to start somewhere, don’t they?

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