The Big Picture (Paint a picture challenge)

There is a gallery which few know of; those who do, tend to keep silent about it. You won’t find it listed in any catalogues, reviews are not written, or at least not published. It shows on no map. Something as important as the Gallery wouldn’t lower itself to the level of mere geography.

It contains but one painting. The uninitiated might consider this a rather paltry collection, until they actually see it; for the painting depicts everything. Every star, every planet, every person, every discarded cigarette butt.

Not on a one to one scale, obviously, but in minute detail. A lifesize portrait would be just crass; any cut-rate deity with a blank cosmos could achieve that. As tiny as the brush strokes are, however, the painting is still rather large. The canvas cannot be said to be properly flat, as it warps space/time with its mass.

Scholars have devoted lifetimes to examining mere fractions of it. Some of them, simply to appreciate the beauty of it.

Others are still looking for the artist’s signature.

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