Getting dressed. [Paint a picture challenge]

She starts with lipstick.

Hot pink is applied liberally to her lips, any excess removed with the help of some tissue.

She works her way up, and blusher is added. Some sky blue eye shadow is placed delicately along the top of her eyelids to compliment her sparkling green eyes.

Her fiery hair was an explosion of curls, some reaching as if for the stars, most snaking around her round face and sitting slightly perturbed about her shoulders. The sun had brought out her freckles.

The dress was a green number, sequins giving it the “look at me” feel. It settled around her (slightly grazed) knees, and was worn with some rather contrasting blue flip flops.

With the help of some starfish hairclips and her BFF bracelet, Gemma would be ready for her fifth birthday.

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