When he left I was a mixture of sadness, rage, and confusion. I didn’t know how I had let it happen to me. Me.

I continued with day to day life, luckily it was exam time so alot of time I could spend at home alone, crying. When I was with others I was all about having fun. “She’s amazing, such a cheerful girl when she must have all those exams to worry about.” they said. Exams? What’s stressful about exams? You take them, you move on. Another chapter in your life.

How did others cope?

I surfed the web, found some sites and read some blogs. They seemed to be getting on okay afterwards. It honestly did give me hope.

But there I was, still hiding in a bathtub. The claustrophobia was calming. It seemed that talking was the best cure.

So how do you begin to talk about it?

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