So over him

I can not be lieve him!!
“What if I.. had a thing on da side…. made you cri hi, would da rules change up or would they still apply… If I… played you like a toy… Sometimes I wish I could act like a boy”
“Like a boy”, by Ciara was blasting from my i-pod, matching my situation perfectly.
And with Alexis . ALEXIS !!!!!! How can he pretend that she really likes him anyway? I mean, come on , she is such an obvious gold digger!!!!
And she is so
Whatever, I don’t care he can have his trashy little thing, you know what, there’s no time for tears.
And with a push of a button I flip songs and change it to Taylor Swift’s, “Picture To Burn”.
I grab a box of matches,along with some pictures of us together, chunk them in the fireplace,and take her advice by striking the match.
”.... Just another picture to burn!”
“I hope that you two have a happy life together!”I say as I snatch my mirror from my purse, wiping off my runny mascara, grinning like a fool.

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