Paranoia Agents

Steve sat down the stop watch and began to eat the captain crunch as fast as possible, then click: sixteen minutes. There is no way lenny could have eaten the captain crunch while he was getting dressed. So what was he doing in the house so long, before he woke me up? Maybe his feeloading ways just made him a captain crunch moocher but, maybe there was a connection why the dash of the Yugo had remnants of frontline flea and tick medicine and the lady had no animals. But for lenny to have picked up the residue here.. no it just can’t be we have been friends since the coast gaurd there is no way he would do something like that. lenny?

Across town at the insurance head quarters.
“So you are saying the residue on the car was flea and tick medicine? hey can you check the old ladies cell phone?” lenny inquired.
“sure anything we can do to assist steve’s investigation, lenny we will be glad to help.”
“Can you see if there are any calls from 888-330-8004?”
“Yeah exactly at midnight, lenny.”

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