They raced along the tracks, Rachel clinging to Chris’ side, and trying not to let her luggage fall. She didn’t think she’d ever felt more alive than in this moment-the electric shock now slowing to a murmur of adrenaline, while she moved more quickly than she ever had before.

Then it slowed, and she bumped into him gently while he grasped her waist even tighter. “Just 2 more stops left, then we’ll be there, ” he said, looking down at her.

“OK, ” she said, holding onto him as the train began to speed up again.

Two stops later, Chris let go of her, and they stepped across the divide again. Without his arm around her, she suddenly realized how cold it was down here. The adrenaline slowed, and she began to shiver, looking up the steps to the light and the crowded streets above her. “Don’t worry,” he said, seeing the look on her face. “It’ll work out the way it’s supposed to. And you’ll be fine with me.”

“Yeah,” she said, looking down, and following him up into the chaos that was New York City.

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