Aliens from within

The Earth became water as it rippled the vibration through the rustic town of Alpine, Arizona.
A wave of debris traveled beyond the sign that read “Dirt Brothers junkyard” and settled into a ‘point break’ of rocks, groceries, and everything else that blew away with the towns only general store.
J.D. Deadeux the town sheriff and Alpine’s only paid civil servant was tending the crying Jaurez children when young Charlie Littleowl pulled politely on his shirt.
“MMMM isttter JD sir you might have missed sumtin’.”
“Not now son i need to make sure everyone is ok after that quake.”
“Sheriff that wasn’t a quake.”
“Sure it was Littleowl, hang on let me finish dressing this scrape.”
Charlie Little held up a peice of a mirror where the sheriff had to see the three hundred foot high structure that had risen through White Mountain and came out under the general store.”
Sorry sir what’n no quake, and that aint no store

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