witness protection 2

The marshall was sqautting down under a payphone puffing on a lucky strike that was water to his thirsty lungs.
“Reese you ok?”
“I am doing alot better than the twenty four year old in there with Smith and Wesson poison.” he replied without ever making eye contact.
“So what is our next move?”
“MY NEXT MOVE is going to be telling his mother how i let him get shot because i was out at a mandatory psyche eval because i can’t fuctin sleep, and how seeing that boys head as a rain gutter is just going to make me dream like puff the magic dragon.”
“First get sleep Reese,”
“If I could sleep or if you weren’t so worried about it i would have time to sleep, so just worry about my performance not my bedroom set.”
“Oh Yeah Reese one more question? Chief wants to know about them, cause its 109f “he pointed to a car with at least 20 men in it like a publicity stunt.
“Twenty shell casings in there and they said nobody saw the shooter, they looked like nobodies, they better not sweat on the elvis seat covers.”

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