Voo Doo that you do so well.

“Come on dude i got eight bucks let’s buy it.” Edgar prodded.
“Is that it? We don’t have to wait to see if we won?” I asked.
“No, you master of technology it says buy now eight buck, i know it was hard to notice, all blinking and lit up right?”Edgar snapped back.
“Man why do you always have to be such an asshole?”
“I am not being an asshole i just came up with a way to pay back your head case ex-girlfriend, by using the powers of the evil demon Bob , hahaha.”
“I’ll get it Edgar it’s probably The voo doo queen, Marie levou.”
“Who was it?” Edgar inquired?
“fuct me runnin your not gonna believe it”
“what? spit it out i am missing valuable porn time.”
“It was fed ex, from Haitian Voo Doo Depot”
“You are fuctin with me?” said edgar doubting me until he read the package and replied,”Dude they are fast.”
“look Edgar this some kinda joke”
“Open it!”
“Fuct you i aint openin’ shit i am chunking it.”
That is when Edgar snatched it up and took off before i could throw it away.

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