A True Prince

Jameson was so engrossed in conversation with Prandi that he’d almost forgotten Becca and Paul were even there. That was before Becca let out an annoying cackle and shouted, “I’m the wicked witch of the South of the West!”

“That doesn’t even make any sense,” Prandi observed in her thick accent.

“You probably don’t get it because you’re Pakistani,” Becca shot back.

“She’s Indian,” Jameson said reproachingly. “And you’re drunk.

“Why are you defending her, Jameson?” Becca asked . “Last time I checked I was your date.”

“You could’ve fooled me. You practically have your tongue in my best friend’s mouth. I’m surprised you even know I exist. God, I need some fresh air.”

Jameson walked outside to collect his thoughts. Moments later, he felt slight pressure on his shoulder. He figured Becca had come to her senses and followed him outside to apologize.

That’s why he was so surprised when a heavily accented voice said, “Thank you for standing up for me, Jameson. You’re a true prince.

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