It isn't funny my ass is on fire. or The price of a panty shot

“Hey you gotta put your pants on, or at least stand near some warmer water boss!” lucca said with trepidation.
Sammie was nekked and fighting mad; the kindergarten gangster was about to crack a tooth his jaws were clinched so tight.
“Sammie this might not be the time but the inside of your toughskins are covered with bengay and it says not to get it in on your genetals or it will cause inflamation.” jimmy the jew added.
“well it doesnt look like you have to worry about inflormatation,”Lucca added.
Whapt, Whapt Sammie smacked lucca and jimmy, “I dont need your news update to know my balls are on fire and just shut up lucca you freakin philistine and gimme your pants”
” waa” lucca began to pull off his pants as sammie applied another smack to his head.
“Lucca you where wearing shorts under these and i have been here naked!!!”
“I am a boyscout we are prepared.”
“Who would dare?” sammie asked incredulously.
“Well the note here says i dare you to peak up my skirt again, pencil pri%k”

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