A nightmare, like a sculpture, can last forever.

“Please lady i just meant you were pretty i din’t think anything by it i am sorry just let me go please.”
“I am giving you a chance to be something more than a bad peice of leg with a short attention span
“please i am begging.”
“Look at least be a man now, come on think of how the passion you lacked in your love making you can now correct through being the canvas of a passionate work of art. A real artist bleeds into their work, honey you know when eve ate of the fruit the snake said if she did she would be like god?”
“Please lady” he snivled.
She flicked the scalpel like a breeze that whispered off his ear. “now if you aren’t going to listen we’ll take off the other.”
I am listening now, ggo on
” Well she sacrificed eden to be like God, you know what she got?”
He whimpered inaudibly.
“She recieved the gift to create, that is what makes us like God, your whole life until now you have been mocking her gift.”
“Look just fuu,,”
She kept her word and made him semetrical, and began her sculpture.

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