The return of the ancient exiles.(Aliens From Within Chapter 2)

They all met at the old hotel which also doubled as the bar, the church, and shelter, to decide what needed to be done about the intrusion.
Sheriff J.D spoke up first, “Folks if we call in the state police they are going to destroy this place.”
“Yeah main reemember when they found dit ruins up in the blues that place was jacked.” replied Mr.Juarez.
Mrs. Jaurez spoke to her husband in spanish but before he could translate J.D. spoke,”Sugar,there is no way Annie survived. I am truly sorry, for your sister in-law, but please just be patient till Little Owl arrives.”
“Why do we need the Indian?” Asked a townsman.
“Well, see the swatsticka on the tower i think it could be a Hopi indian symbol of peace, when i was a kid the old man used to say the Hopi’s went under the Earth and they would return one day. Maybe this is the day,”
As they begin to talk amongst themselves Juarez puts his arm around the sheriff and whispers, “Chief Little Owl didn’t say Hopi he said, Spider Queen.”
“I hope we’re wrong, Juarez.”

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