They Truly Didn't Think They Would

“We’re going to Grandma’s house” shouted Lizzie’s mom.
“Ok” Lizzie shouted back.
She didn’t even know why they were going, but she was already excited. She loved going to her grandma’s house. It was so nice at her house: the yard was so big and green. There were so many trees and places for her and her brother to play in. There was a three hour drive, but she didn’t care.
They finally passed the sign that said “Welcome to Cincinnatti, Ohio.” Lizzie was so excited! But wait, they didn’t turn the way to their grandma’s house.
“Where are we going?” Lizzie asked her mom.
No answer…but Lizzie knew now. They were headed to the hospital. They got there and their dad called them over to sit on his lap. Lizzie and her brother cheerfully ran over and plopped down on his lap.
“What’s wrong with grandma?” Lizzie asked.
“Grandma died last night…” Their dad told them.
They cried and cried like there was no tommorrow. Like they would never smile or laugh again. And they truly didn’t think they would.

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