The greased back canary with mustache envy.

clichinkshkit “Get up Winstler you got a visit”
Rourke sat across from the creepy federal prisoner, who looked the genetic outcome of A terminal bingo hall maiden and the last Vegas lounge singer.
“Look make it quick i am about to miss charmed.”
“Can you tell me about Frizatti?”
“What do you want me to tell you that you cant read in the papers?OK lets start with the fact that he has bad fashion sense.”
Rourke cocked his eye at the looser of the Darwin lottery who sat before him with oiled down alfalfa hair and a wire mustache that didn’t touch in the middle but curled on the sides like calligraphy.
“he’s short on class long on ambition, you know he looks like your run of the mill serial killer, with shag carpet in his Amc Gremlin, J.Geils band on the 8 track a law degree from some fancy correspondence school, he is going places.”
” Any good qualities?”
“Those are his good qualities, oh wait for all his short comings Bilfurd Frizatti has a helluva fine mustache,women want it and men want to be it”

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