Me and JB 113 ~Christmas Chapters!~

I was sitting on the couch with Frankie and Joe. Joe had decided to stay home and watch a Barney Christmas with Frankie and I. Believe it or not, Joe was a huge Barney fan as a kid. That gave me an idea. If Joe stayed home with Frankie, I could go with everyone. Just maybe. But Mandy said there wasn’t enough room in the limo. How sweet. I could just picture them now. Nick and Mandy were probably holding hands under the table. Feeding each other food. Sharing a diet coke with two straws. It was all part of the act as Nick would put it. I wished I was Mandy. It was clear it wasn’t just an act. He probably had a crush on her. A huge crush.
“Jess? Are you watching? Look their at Santa’s workshop!” said Joe happily. Tears came to my eyes.
“Jess? Are you okay?” asked Frankie. I shook my head and got up.

Outside it was freezing but nice. Nick was probably acting. I hoped, at least. The stars were out and it reminded me the night of when Nick and I fell in love. Maybe it was that night for Nick and Mandy…..

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