Inside the Calico

“Si…what do you want?” the old woman asked in her accent, still glaring at Lila suspiciously.

“Well nothing really.This is my first time in Italy…I saw your house, and I just needed to know who it belonged to.Sorry for bothering you,” Lila said, already backing away.Clearly this had been a mistake, and a big one. All she could do now was leave and try to forget about the beautiful house.

“Come in,” the old woman said, just as Lila began to turn. Lila stood staring dumbly for a moment.”Come, come…what do you wait for?” she said,gesturing at the house and staring at Lila as though she was regretting her choice.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Lila replied,turning to follow her.

As her eyes slowly adjusted,she found that she was right; this was definitely no ordinary house.

The walls were painted as though they encompassed a gigantic mural, each wall a tiny piece of a much bigger picture.It was a different world.She felt like Alice, fallen down the rabbit hole, unsure of whether she wanted to go back.

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