Assignment to the Jungle

Nathan’s face shown at the professor’s offer. “I’d… I’d be honored, sir!”
The professor beamed. “Now, I’ve chosen your partner for this expedition.”
“Leslie Lawson.”
Nathan’s face fell to the floor. He couldn’t stand the girl; so jumpy and supersticious. And she was a archeology major!
“Yes sir.”

Turns out, Leslie wasn’t all that psyched either. She thought Nathan was too adventurous and rough with small details. And he was an archeology major!
“So, where are we going again?” she asked irritably, treking through thick underbrush.
“Into the jungle,” he answed, just as coldly. She cringed at the thought of the heat, humidity, and the mosquitoes.
“The ruin of Tikbalang’s Tomb.”
She gasped. “It supposed to be cursed!”
He laughed. “It’s a superstition! We should be over that sort of thing; we’re scientists!”
“Whatever. I’m going ahead to look. You check the map.”
Nathan rolled his eyes and glanced at the ancient paper. But something about it seemed different than before.

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