Shifty Sights

The ad was a bit strange to me, almost ominous. But I was strapped for cash, and even grave-digging seemed a glamorous job now. I called the number for the job.

I pulled up and parked behind a sketchy building on the outskirts of town. I checked & rechecked the address. Yep, this was the place. I walked inside.
A pear-looking man in an ugly pinstriped suit was sitting with his feet on a rickety desk in a mildewy back corner. “Can I help you?” he asked me.
“I’d like to apply for the job, the one in the paper…”
“Ah yes! We’ve been having trouble keeping someone in the position for some time. Hopefully we can change that!” he joked. I smiled nervously, shifing uncomfortably in my seat.
He gave me the job right away, giving me a once-over with his shifty eyes. I thanked him and made a beeline for the door.
I wasn’t to the corner of the building when I saw something on the horizon. Straining my eyes, I saw something I’ve only seen in horror movies. I tore back inside, three thoughts clawing at my mind.

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