She ran through the forest, running from a pack of wolves. She didn’t know what she’d done to anger them, but they were angry alright. All of a sudden, a lone wolf pup ran through there and fought of the seven full-grown, angry wolves. She let out a sigh of relief. The wolf came back to her and nuzzled her leg. She stooped down and started to pet the pup. “Thanks,” she said, even though the wolf probably couldn’t understand her. Contradicting her thoughts, the wolf nodded like he understood. She jerked her head back, bewildered. “You understand me?” she asked. The pup nodded again. “Can you talk?” The pup shook his head. She nodded and stood up, picking the pup up along with her. She started to walk again, calmly this time. “I’ll call you… James.” She continued to walk, a smile on her face. A true sincere smile.

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