The Blue Dress

With some speeding up, Ashley and her family got back on schedule. They were to the airport with an hour to spare. The whole time at the airport and the ride to her brothers house Ashley was thinking of Cameron.

When Ashley finally ended up at her brothers house, she was shown the dress she was wearing. Since she was the Junior Bridesmaid she had a dress that matched the rest of the girls in the wedding.

The dress was beautiful. It was royal blue and came to about her knees. It was a V neck, but it was just low enough to look pretty, not low enough to show anything off. When Ashley put it on it looked amazing. It hugged her in the perfect places and it made her feel special. It was a good feeling, and she couldn’t believe she got this feeling from a dress.

The wedding started at 6 pm and it was just like any other wedding. During the ceremony, Ashley’s mind began to wonder. She was kind of stareing off into space when she thought she saw Cameron.

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