February 19, 1972 The night Lee morgan died part 1

“Go on man talk to him .”
“Hang on a sec man i am a little out of my element.”
“Cracker give me the cash that’s him.”
So i handed him the finders fee and walked over to the man talking to some, what i thought were gang members.
“Sir,can i..”
“Boy wait your turn this ain’t wall street”
well i pushed my glasses back up my nose, and tried to pretend i wasn’t surrounded by drug dealers in the heart of darkness. Then i became mesmorized by the way he would talk but smoke through a whole in the side of his face.
“Now who sent you casper and what’s ya issue?”
“Uhh are you Mannie the squeeler?”
“Iz every one of you freakin G whites a comedian? No i aint, I am two mouthed mannie despite your faux paux introduction, i am the cat you studyin, now what’s your issue?”
“Well i have some questions Mr. um two mouth”
“We dont sell questions we sell crack.” an associate of mister mannie replied as he cocked a gleaming revlover decorated with a horse engraving.
I have always been scared of horses,Now i know why.

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