Night Out On The Town

Melanie is sitting on an oversized leather couch. She is at home for the time being. She is bored at the moment. Her friends from school are away visiting family. She won’t go back to the dorms until later tomorrow. So she sits alone at home, with nothing to do.

She sits in the empty house, in silence. The tv infront of her is off. Matching the silence that fills the house. She stares at it in deep thought. Melanie, a very resourceful person, decides to go out. She considers going to a club. She isn’t much for the club scene, but she knows of a place where they have karaoke. It’s a place in downtown Manhattan. Usually the people who participate are really good. Most of them are Broadway and Recording Industry hopefuls. For some reason that city is just oozing with talent.

Melanie walks to her room. She makes her way to her closet. As she stands with the door open she rifels through her assortment of clothing. Trying to find an outfit. She wants to look good. Perhaps she might meet someone tonight.

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