the dream: part 17 The conversation

We began to walk, and it was a silent for the first minute. then he said, “so uhm, are you gonna miss your friends next year?”
“Yeahh, ill miss them, but ill get a new start too, so thats also good.”
“why do you need a new start?” he asked, turning his head towards me, trying to look me in the eyes.
“uhm, its hard to explain, i just do.”
“oh, okay. i guess thats cool.”
“so what about you? whats your story?”
“well, me and my family move around alot, and thats really it.”
“oh, that must really suck.”
“not really, its just… life, in a way.”
“in a way? what does that mean?”
“oh, uhm.. never mind that.”
“so your class has alot of ‘love birds’ huh?”
we both started to laugh.
“yeah, it really does.”
“so what about you? where does that teenage romance come into your life.”
that was a really touchy subject for me.
“uhm, it hasnt for a few months now, i guess i just kinda have nobody.”
“for a few months? what happened?”
he could tell asking that made me suddenly down, and he looked at me.

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