the dream: part 18 how to deal?

all he said was, “i understand, its okay, you dont have to explain.”
he pulled me into his arms, and it seemed i had fit perfectly. i held him tight, his skin was so cold, but it didnt bother me, i think this was it… i had fallen for this guy and that scared me. i pulled away and said we should start heading back to alyse’s house, incase they started to worry. i lead and he followed.

we got back to see that everyone had been in the pool, either pushed in or decided to jump in themselves. i went with my friends, all giving me “the look”. begging for me to tell them what happened.
alyse approached me, “MANDY! duude.. what happened?”
“nothing happened, we just talked.”
it was true, nothing did happened. i was sad, happy, excited, nervous, and so many other feelings all at the same time. how was i going to deal?

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