Friend Request

“You have a friend request”

Those five words took his breathe away. He tried so hard to forget her, to move on. But here she was, over two years later. Like nothing happened.

So many questions raced through his mind. What did she want? How is she? Where is she? Who is she?

Slowly he began to regain his composure. He collected himself, trying to sort through the flood of memories that swept over him.

Sure there were a lot of problems; the fights, the arguments, the restless nights worrying about tomorrow. But there was more than that.

The laughs, the walks, the trips. The hoping for the future that would never come.

That’s just it though, isn’t it? That future never came. Those memories are all that’s left. And even those will fade away. The past is past.

He looks at his life as it is now and smiles. He knows the right decision was made. He is content with all that he has and smiles.

Before he gets up he casually clicks ‘yes.’

“You have a friend request”

That’s the most it could ever be again.

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