Fight or Flight [Horror Challenge/ Make Your Own Challenge]

“It’s no use running, love!” He cackled madly. “You can’t escape!” She could make out the noise of his stumbling on the creaky floors over that of her own panicked breath. The door couldn’t hide her for long…

“Remember when I said…” Pause. Something cracked, and she stifled a sob of terror. He caught his breath and continued. “-That we would be together forever?” She looked around the room wildly; could the window function as an escape route? No, too high; could she blockade the door? Everything heavy was bolted down…

His drunk footsteps grew closer. ”...well, I meant it… we’ll never really be apart…” Weapons, weapons, weapons… she would not be a damsel in distress!

The door creaked open, and she nearly cried out. Now there were mere inches between she and him. Fight for flight.

She grabbed a lamp and stepped out from behind the door.

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